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One summer day over a few beers, we discussed all the places in Dallas where a guy can buy a solid pair of jeans. Not only where you can find high-quality denim, but also where you can find a great modern fit. The list was short. And even at that, the selection is always limited. We began to ask ourselves, “why is the most iconic item of clothing produced in the last 100 years the least important item in any retail store?”
Just a few weeks prior to this conversation I’d been out jean hunting. After visiting several places and not finding anything worth buying, I defaulted to my typical mode of operation and ventured into Northpark Mall where I purchased another pair of Levi’s.
We’ve all grown up with Levi’s. And you can get a solid pair of jeans for $65 bucks. But inherently we all know there’s something better out there. We just have to find it. We’re simply a couple of guys who want the jean buying experience to be better. The truth is most of us wear jeans every day, and it’s a great feeling to find a pair of jeans you really love. Denim isn’t just cool, denim is badass.
There’s a motto we like to live by: “To seek, to strive, to find, and not to yield.” So rather than wishing there were a store in Dallas that specialized in denim, we decided to create one. That’s the moment Deep Ellum Denim was born. 
After those beers last summer, we went on a mission to find the world’s best denim. We researched the entire industry. 
We wanted to know, what cotton produces the best fabric.
We wanted to know, what machinery creates the best denim.
We wanted to know, who owns those machines and where is that denim made. 
We wanted to know, who are the designers and craftsman that obsess over every detail when turning sheets of denim in to jeans. 
After nearly a year of research, late nights, ordering countless samples, and trying on jeans, we’ve learned a lot. And we’ve become true purveyors of fine denim. This weekend we will open our studio in Deep Ellum. It will feature over 100 pair of the world’s finest denim. And to be clear, we’re not into “designer” jeans. We’re into well-made products that use the highest quality textiles. This is the kind of stuff that you buy and never want to throw away. Each pair of denim has a unique story, brand, and people behind it. We’ve began to love these brands and we couldn’t be happier to bring them to Dallas.
Momotaro and Japan Blue Jeans are two of Japan’s iconic denim brands. They source their cotton from Africa, create their own denim on vintage shuttle looms originally used by Levi’s in the 1920’s, and design, cut, and sew them all under one roof. They are obsessed with denim and it shows. 
Tellason comes to us from San Francisco. An indie brand who makes an incredible pair of all-American jeans. They work with Cone Mills White Oak, a legendary denim mill in North Carolina. Together they design and create tough and durable jeans, with a modern fit. 
Naked and Famous breaks all the rules, while still creating authentic jeans that stay true to denim head culture. They source denim from legendary mills in Kojima, Japan–arguably the denim capital of the world. From their shop in Canada, they design, cut and sew every pair to insure the highest quality. 
For now, we’ll be open on Saturday’s only. Come by, say hi, have a beer and check out our denim. If you come by and we’ve run out of your size don’t worry, we’ll restock our inventory monthly. We think you’ll enjoy the experience and learn a great deal about the most iconic item of clothing the last century has produced. 
Future posts will dive deeper into the history of denim, the brands we love, and how they’re made. We’ll also keep you updated on our progress and of any news or events we have to share. 
For all of you who’ve shared our news or helped us along the way we’re truly grateful.


  • Hollis Wakefield

    Women’s jeans women’s jeans women’s jeans! (Please please please…)

  • Ruben

    Any larger sizes available? Like 42/44?

  • Madison M Carney

    Bring the ladies denim!
    We dislike NorthPark too.

  • Trung

    Do you guys carry jeans that have a high rise? And is there a service to properly hem the jeans to keep the chain stitch at the bottom?

  • Jeff Kauffman

    Hi Marsha, we do not carry women’s jeans at this time.

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