Your gateway drug to raw denim: The Unbranded Brand

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If you have been looking to get into raw denim then look no further than The Unbranded Brand. At a starting price point of $82, you won't find a better pair of raw denim in Dallas, Texas. This will be your gateway drug into raw denim. 

Bennie has been wearing the Skinny Fit for almost a year and the fades have turned out great. 

We have expanded our Unbranded line-up and here's what it looks like:

Tight fit 401 ($82): This jean is 100% cotton and weighs in at 14.5oz. If you are a slim guy or someone looking for a tight form fitting jean, this will be your fit.

Skinny fit stretch 122 ($108): This jean is 99% with 1% stretch material and weighs in at 11oz. Check out this Instagram post to get a feel for how they fit. 

Tapered fit 201 ($82): This jean is 100% cotton and weighs in at 14.5oz. If you need a little more room through the butt and thigh area while still getting a tapered look that narrows from the knee to leg opening, then this fit is for you.

Relaxed fit 601 ($82): This jean is 100% cotton and weighs in at 14.5oz. This fit offers the most room through the butt and thighs and also tapers nicely from the knee to ankle. 

Naturally dyed indigo jeans are on a different level than synthetic blue spray paint used on mass manufactured jeans. 

Here is a new pair of Unbranded denim. Notice the "unbranded" genuine leather patch and the deep indigo color. 


And this is what you can achieve with daily wear and a few soaks over the course of just over a year. Natural indigo doesn't fully bond to cotton, so the indigo fades away with wear. 


Pretty awesome, right? Fades like this can only be achieved with 100% natural plant based indigo dye. This is the type of dye Samurai warriors used thousands of years ago.

Unbranded is a shop favorite and we will continue to keep these in stock. Saddle up and come on into the shop Saturday's 11am-6pm to get yourself a pair. 


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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