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Standard-3 | 13.5 oz Raw Selvedge | 605-14

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Our shop carries the most fits for men in Texas. With 20+ fits, you are sure to find the perfect pair of jeans. Stop by our shop on Saturdays from 11am-6pm and we will help you find the perfect fit.  

Our fit guide: Standard-3

A standard tapered fit that narrows through the leg opening

Made of 13.5 oz sanforized 100% long-tail Zimbabwe cotton

Proprietary fabric from Japan from the legendary Collect Co Mill, created on vintage U.S. shuttle looms that were manufactured in the early 1900's. These shuttle looms made original Levi's until they were sold to denim enthusiasts in Japan around the 1960's and 1970's

Pink selvedge, representing the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story

Raw selvedge

Double faced rich indigo dye. This double faced dye will produce awesome fades are the two colors wear.

Bright copper male rivets

Nickel button fly

Cow suede natural leather patch

Product model number: 0605-14


Thanks to Momotaro's obsessive attention to detail, they have become one of the most reputable denim brands in the world.

The name, Momotaro, is born from a famous Japanese folktale, in which a boy born from a giant peach grows up to save his village from marauding demons. The pink selvedge and inseam are an homage to the peach in this story, and the signature battle stripes represent the war flag the boy carried into battle. 

Momotaro is the main denim manufacturing division of the Japan Blue Group, which was born in Japan’s denim mecca, Kojima. Momotaro has full control over the process behind their products, from conception to production, giving the brand an unparalleled amount of creative freedom.