Raw Denim Shirt | 7.5 oz
Raw Denim Shirt | 7.5 oz

Raw Denim Shirt | 7.5 oz

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This is the type of shirt you'll have the rest of your life. Hell, your grandson will wear it one day. It's a middle weight fabric so you can wear it all year long. Leave it unbuttoned and wear it like an over shirt, or snap it all the way up, your call. 

Raw denim rope-dyed 7.5 oz work shirt.

Inspired by western heritage workwear. 

Slim fit but not tight.

Some might say this shirt is bullet-proof. 

Looks great when layered or fully buttoned. 

This unique fabric comes from Cone Mills White Oak, the most famous denim mill in the United States. 

Designed and manufactured by Tellason in San Francisco, Calif. USA.


Tellason is the vision of Tony Patella & Pete Searson, who’s names combine to form the label’s name. After 20 year's experience in the apparel industry, both felt it was time to venture out and start a brand of their own.

Tony and Pete share an obsession for well crafted items and wanted the words “Made in America” to be the focus behind their label. From Cone Mill’s White Oak denim of Greensboro, NC, to the construction at their San Francisco, CA factory, each pair of Tellason jeans is truly American to the core.