Fit Guide


To make things simple, we have three categories: Slim, Standard, and Relaxed.

We want to make it easy to find the best pair of high-quality denim that fits you. We've spent countless hours trying on denim brands and their various fits from across the globe - only the best has been curated to make it in to our studio. 

When it comes to the fit, there are 100's of denim brands and they all say things like, "slim", "skinny", "tapered", or "relaxed" but what does that really mean? From one brand to the next, a "slim" fit can mean something very different. The truth is that every guy is a little unique, so it often comes down to the fit and look you want to achieve. This is why we try on every pair of jeans, measure them, and place each fit into one of three categories. Before we dive into each category, let's discuss a very important word, taper.

Perhaps the best way to describe tapering is that it's the exact opposite of boot cut jeans or bell-bottoms from the 70's. Jeans that taper begin to narrow as you move past the knee - this is how you achieve a nice modern fit. How much a pair of denim tapers can drastically alter it's fit.

All jeans we carry have some level of taper. Some taper a lot, others taper only a little.

Ok, now let's discuss each category.

SLIM 1-2-3

A Slim 1 is the tightest fit we carry, while our Slim 3 provides more room but still helps you achieve a nice slim fit. 

Slim to regular size guys will want to shop this category. Keep in mind it depends on the fit and style you want to achieve. 


The Standard fit is in between our Slim and Relaxed fits. Many body types and style preferences can shop this category. You still get a modern fit with the Standard category that is more tailored to your body type. 

If you are a slim guy and want a baggy look, shop this category. If you have more meat on your bones and want a modern look, shop this category.


The relaxed fit provides the most room. These jeans are for the linebackers, linemen, and bouncers of the world. 

If you are tracking with us, you already know that a Relaxed 3 is going to have the most room in our lineup. You'll still get a modern fit, but with the more comfort to make these your favorite pair of denim.